Corrugated card board, solid board, plastics, Carton, twin-wall sheet, foam, Aluminium, etc.

With the Premiumcut single ply cutter you process your materials for the Packaging sector!

With its modular Tool selection you are always equipped the best tool for the job To match to print you are completely flexible with the Optiscout interface.

Thus you are free to work with all popular Packaging Software.


Sample Configuration:


Working width: 1600/1800/2200 mm (the widest width can be 5000mm)

Cutting window length: 2000 mm (Any size available on demand)


Vacuum unit (e.g. 7,5 kW) (Any specification available on demand)

Automatic vacuum chamber sectioning

V-Cut with adjustable cutting angle

15° – 22,5° – 30° – 45° – 60°

Optiscout Software

Optiscout Software


      creasing tool      V-Cut     Electric oscillating knife   Dragknife     Pneumatic oscillating knife



Your time advantage by exchanging the material rolls:

Material Roll Magazine ?Transroll-P“ in combination with the unwinding unit AWV-A with centre drive.

Other unwinding units depending on material type and material characteristics are available as well.